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9 mars 2013

A Review of BMW 118D

If you're looking for a car to make you stand out in a crowd, look no further, Stylish, top notch and eye catching BMW 118D is here. The sleek and hot exterior of this model is not by far what impresses a huge public the most, this fantastic BMW has a top speed of 132 mph, 0-62mph sprint takes only 8.9 seconds. Coming with a six speed gearbox and great power and torque anyone anywhere looking for a real great drive will not hesitate to buy it. Very well isolated cabin absorbs most of the noises coming from the road and wind noises are also suppressed impressively.
The 118d motor is equipped with a 2.0-litre 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine for BMW 118D with a torque of 320Nm. This offers low CO2 emissions and thanks to its flexible performance, it is a great choice for those who drive a lot and need a smooth and enjoyable ride. On the high revolutions, it does feel bit hammery but does OK all the way. Out of the UK BMW models the 118d is definitely at the top of the list because of its style, the elegance and superb class built. The Sport version is even better and more popular, mixing greater performance with low CO2 emissions which should be a consideration for every buyer. The new 118d is definitely more powerful than the previous models yet more economical.
The maximum torque figure is fairly low so you can ride at a good pace without having to reach for the top gear or rev range. The gears and acceleration ratios are brilliant, unleashing this monster to a whole new level of excitement. Overtaking slower traffic is as easy as changing a gear. The outlook of this model has been kept the same over different versions as its elegance and given class. Its steering is very smooth and precise, whereas its ability to man oeuvre the car in the curbs is pushed to its maximum level. Alongside all of this, the BMW 118d includes so many popular privileges. With Bluetooth connectivity for the cell phones and audio devices, traction control and Electronic Stability Control (ESC), you will feel safe and even more confident and comfortable whether you're going for a long drive or just a quick errand.
The model is equipped with air conditioning unit, alloy wheels and electric power windows giving it a very modern and expensive look. The BMW 118d comes with a stylish steering wheel allowing you to adjust it according to your desired comfort. Overall, the whole vehicle including the clutch gear combination is designed so that you do not accidentally mess up the gearbox. All of the comfort and efficiency of driving this car, including the running costs compared to other cars are being reasonable. The amazing 118d engine churns out so much power that this car can easily be mistaken as a jet powered vehicle. The price for a brand new BMW 118D is around £22,000 to £23,000 which is considered to be a great value for the money spent.

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